Find Parts & Accesories for your Porsche
1. Are you open?
Yes! We continue to take orders, build and restore components, and ship parts. If we don't answer the phone, please leave a voice message and we'll get back to you asap. You can also send a message to us through our website or email us.

2. What are your hours?
Our online store is open 24/7.
Email / phone hours: 10am-6pm US Eastern, Mon-Thurs.
We currently ship orders Mon-Thurs each week.
We do not operate a bricks-and-mortar retail location.

3. I can’t find what I’m looking for on your website. Do you have it?
We’re always happy to help you find something on our website. If we determine that it’s not on our site, we will add it for you if we can source it. It always helps if you have a part number and/or a link to where you’ve seen the part elsewhere!

4. What components do you offer exchanges on?
We offer rebuilt exchanges on the following:
(We must receive and inspect your core first)
   CDI Boxes (911/930)
   Fuel Distributors (911/930)
   Warm Up Regulators (911/930)
   Oil Pumps (911)
   Rocker Arms and Shafts (356/912)
   Rocker Arms (911/930)
   Camshaft Followers (356/912)

5. What components can I send in to be rebuilt?
   Ignition Distributors (356/911/912/930)
   Bosch CIS Fuel Distributors (Water cooled or non-Porsche)
   Bosch CIS WURs (Water cooled or non-Porsche)

6. What else do you offer?
Our catalog spans all areas of the vehicle for air cooled Porsche models up to 1989. We carry many great brands and we have our own product line as well. Be sure to check out our Partsklassik brand CDI components (boxes, coils, harnesses), ignition distributor parts and kits, carburetor kits and insulators, decals / tags, hoses, and more.

7. Do you ship to international addresses?
We ship to Canada, Europe, Japan, AU/NZ, Singapore, among others.
We don’t collect VAT or duties; you pay these to the carrier (e.g.FedEx).
We can’t ship large items like fuel tanks, mufflers, bumpers, etc.
Non-business UK orders must be £135 merchandise value or above.

8. I’m ordering a small, inexpensive part. Can you just put it in an envelope and put a stamp on it?
We used to do that, but parts would get damaged or lost. We now only ship via trackable options like Priority Mail and FedEx. To make the most of your S&H dollars, consider stocking up on items you know you’ll need in the future like oil filters, air filters, fuse assortment packs, light bulbs, shop supplies, etc
. We also have a gift category, or you can search on the word “gift”.

9. How much is shipping to…?
Some items on our site have free shipping within the 48 contiguous US states, and those are noted as such. Otherwise, shipping costs are based on weight, box dimensions, actual delivery address, and level of service chosen. If you add a part to your cart and begin the checkout process, you will be shown several shipping options and costs before you enter any payment info.

10. Can I pick up my order at your NY location?
Not at this time. We are an online retailer, and our warehouse facilities and staffing model don’t currently allow for a pick-up option. Your order might even ship to you from another location, or from multiple warehouses.

11. Can you install a part on my car, or tell me how to do it?
We are currently a parts seller and component restorer only. Our founder was a mechanic and repair shop owner, and this is still strongly reflected in our offerings and knowledge base. However, we no longer have full-service mechanics here to give advice or install parts.

If you‘re stuck on how to install a part, or if personal injury or vehicle damage may result from your attempt, we strongly advise seeking out a knowledgeable, qualified, properly insured classic Porsche mechanic. If you don’t have access to one, consider asking Kurt at for a consultation. Kurt also has some great how-to videos on YouTube and on See the shop manuals and spec books on our site as well.

12. Do you have everything you show on your site? Are the prices correct?
Sometimes an item may sell out before we can mark it out of stock. If this happens, we will contact you to discuss options.

Product data including prices, descriptions, photos, fitment, etc. may be inaccurately displayed due to system, typographical, or other kinds of errors, or they may simply become out of date. While we try to avoid this, 100% accuracy is not guaranteed. We will notify you of any price errors before we fill your order, and you will have the option to change your order if desired.

Note: Some photos may cause an item to appear larger or smaller than its true size. Please also note that every device screen or monitor is different, so colors may vary slightly