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About Us 
It has been a lifetime of working on Porsche cars that has brought us to our web site today. From a factory Porsche apprenticeship in Australia to owning and operating a 12-bay shop in Monrovia California, Kurt has been focused on Air Cooled Porsche and what it takes today to keep them on the road.                                                         
With the move out of our Los Angeles shop and starting our On-line store, we wanted to bring that extensive real-world experience to our web site, with parts we could stand behind and information that comes from hands on experience and training. Our digital CDI is a good example of our commitment to keeping these cars on the road, and this one part has lead us to making more ignition parts. We believe our future is to keep making essential parts for Air Cooled Porsche as they become unavailable!

Repairing early Porsche vehicles has changed in the last 30 years, many of the original parts manufacturers are gone and the ones that are left are often discontinuing old part numbers. This has opened an entirely new secondary market place for smaller vendors to produce replacement parts. Unfortunately, not all the parts are made the way they should be and many of them are just plain wrong for the car, even though they can be installed. One of our goals is to take the guess work out of buying the parts for your car. Just because a part is available, or a cheaper version of the part is available if it does not meet the quality standards that the part requires then we won’t sell it.

We love living and working in Flagstaff Arizona and although we no longer work on customers cars we have a few old Porsche of our own that are fun to drive up the local mountain. Keeping them running sweet and testing new parts in our own cars is a true perk of the job


Thank you for visiting our web site. As a small business we really appreciate your good words and hope to have you as a happy customer.